Summit Trucks - Hard Working RentalsAfter over 50 years in fleet rental, leasing and sales, we’ve seen just about everything. We understand that your needs are unique, because every business is different. We’ll customize our programs for what you need to run your corporate fleet-the way you want to run it.

From Northern and Southern Alberta, we provide vehicles door-to-door and service companies all across Western Canada.

In your industry, staying on the road is more vital than anything. On the road, you have very particular needs. You need them to be reliable, and always available. Having the flexibility to adjust to a customer’s changing needs is critical to being a successful fleet provider. Having the resources to deliver these needs is equally as important. With Summit, we ensure that you have all of the above, and then some.

No matter where your business demands take you, we can customize your fleet purchases, rental or leases to give you the terms that work best for your business.