We’re excited to tell you that Shaw Lease and CMP Lease have joined Summit Trucks in a combined effort to give you premiere customer service and broader options for your leasing needs. This means more employees, more vehicles and greater expertise to better serve you and answer your questions. Be sure to check out our branches and choose which one is most convenient for you.

Leaseing AlbertaNot every leasing company offers you what Summit Trucks does. We are dedicated to providing customized leasing programs tailored to the needs of our commercial clients. Whether you are a new company or an established one, we offer the right lease for your unique application.

Working with our leasing company lets you conserve your cash and working capital. Your money won’t be tied up in equipment. Lease financing through Summit Trucks can also preserve your lines of credit. You’ll have the borrowing power you require for other operational and short term financing needs.

Your initial costs and monthly payments allow you to use your equipment immediately. With its operating efficiencies the new vehicle pays for itself as you use it over time. Profit is guaranteed by the use rather than the ownership of equipment.

Working with us also lets you regularly upgrade your vehicles, eliminating the inefficiencies of owning outdated equipment.

Improve Your Image

A lease with Summit Trucks usually runs from three to four years, or if preferred, can be shortened, enabling you to maintain a successful business image with late model, well maintained commercial vehicles.

Reduce Your Expenses

Most new vehicles require minor maintenance, such as oil changes, which are the responsibility of the lessee. However, since many of our lease terms expire before the new Vehicle Limited Warranty, any major repairs covered under such warranty will be paid by the manufacturer, enabling you to reduce your commercial vehicle life-cycle expenses.

Cut Vehicle Downtime

Studies show that as a vehicle ages and kilometers increase, a business will experience increased vehicle downtime with a corresponding loss in income. By leasing over a three to four year period, you are able to obtain new vehicles more often and reduce costly downtime.

Preserve Your Capital

A lease with Summit Trucks may require less initial expenditure than a conventional purchase loan, enabling you to preserve capital and upfront costs. You also have the option (as some business owners prefer) of further reducing your monthly lease payments by making a down payment (capital cost reduction).

Lower Up-Front Taxes


By leasing your commercial vehicles you may lower your initial tax payments, thereby preserving much needed capital. Such taxes may be lowered through leasing than with a vehicle purchase since taxes are calculated on your monthly lease payments. Although many business owners realize a greater tax advantage through leasing, you are advised to consult your own tax specialist when considering leasing or purchasing alternatives.

Customize Your Lease Requirements

As a specialist leasing company, we can design leases to your precise requirements. Simply outline your needs to your representative and get a prompt, helpful response.

Over the last few years, leasing has become the most practical method of acquiring vehicles. There are many benefits to leasing your vehicle. What is most important to you depends on your particular circumstances.

Improved Cash Flow

Most people agree, the greatest benefit of leasing is improved cash flow. With no down payment and lower monthly payments, the retention of cash in business or personal finances can be improved. Reinvesting this cash into corporate growth or personal items that appreciate in value can return a much greater dividend.

Lower Monthly Payments

Because you only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you use, your monthly payments are lower than if you purchase the same vehicle.

Tax Advantages

There can also be some tax advantages for businesses to leasing. In certain circumstances, leasing may yield a more favorable tax result than a purchase. We suggest you seek the advice of your tax professional to determine what’s best for you. There are also sales tax benefits to leasing. When you purchase a vehicle, sales tax is due immediately. However when you lease, sales tax is only payable on your capital cost reduction (down payment), and on the monthly payments.

More Vehicle For Your Money

Because you are only paying for the portion of the vehicle you use, and because your monthly payments are lower, you may be able to afford to lease a more expensive vehicle than you could purchase.

New Vehicle More Often

Because of lower monthly payments and defined lease periods, you can get into new vehicles more often.

shutterstock_146072072Manufacturers’ Warranties

Many lease periods parallel the timeframes for manufacturers’ warranties, allowing you to have warranty coverage for as long as you drive the vehicle.

Choices & Flexibility

Summit Trucks is a flexible leasing company. By looking at all your options, we can analyze your specific needs and give you practical, helpful recommendations and solutions. Based on this information, we can design a lease to your individual needs.

What is a lease, anyway?

  • You agree to use a vehicle for a specified period of time.
  • You make monthly payments during that specified period of time.
  • You maintain the vehicle.
  • You purchase the required licenses, pay any taxes, and keep the insurance up to date.
  • At the end of the specified time, you return the vehicle with nothing more than normal wear-and-tear.