GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking for Fleets in Canada

Every minute that your vehicles are on the road costs you money. You pay for fuel and the time of the driver, and if there is too much idle time, this translates to losing money as well. Summit Trucks will provide you with a simple, cost-effective GPS solution so you can easily manage the time of your entire fleet, down to each individual vehicle.

Summit GPS is quick to install and comes with easy-to-use applications to give you information — such as where and how your vehicles are driven — when you need it. With this product, you’ll know the exact time that the company vehicles and how long particular vehicle was idling on any given day. You’ll also know if any of your vehicles have been speeding and how many trips were made on a particular day.

GPS units monitor not only your vehicles’ speed, direction, and location, but also monitors driver behaviour and translates to improved efficiency. The centralization of your fleet management work is a great advantage that has quickly become a standard in the field.