Summit Procurement Card (Fuel and Maintenance)

The Summit Procurement Card ties together our services in a convenient way.

To easily track and control your operating costs, we provide you with a MasterCard-based expense card. You’ll be given control to set the limits as well as the location based guidelines as to how each card can be used for drivers. Depending on the vehicle and/or business units that you’re leasing, you’ll also get customizable online reports where you can get detailed information on your fleet expenses to reduce expenses.

Credit Card Procurement

The Summit Trucks MasterCard is accepted by any vendor already setup for MasterCard. Only client approved purchases/transactions are accepted by the program (ex. Fuel and maintenance transactions only). For example, a driver cannot purchase a television from Future Shop with this card – the transaction is declined at point of sale.
Summit Truck’s programs are designed with the Client – Vendor relationship first in mind. Three key differentiators in our program for the vendor are:

  1. The vendor is paid immediately
  2. Summit does not push the vendor for any additional kickbacks/rebates that affect cost
  3. We understand that local vendor relationships are key in our marketplace .

What this means for our clients: They can continue to have improved vendor relationships, get the best possible pricing, all in a “one card” solution. This strategy is truly innovative in the fleet management industry.

Fraud Protection – Summit Trucks is able to protect clients from “white card fraud” by offering MasterCard’s Fraud Protection. This isn’t available with proprietary fleet cards.

Real-time System – Summit Truck’s MasterCard operates in a real-time environment. This eliminates the possibility of clients being charged for purchases made after notifying the fleet management company to cancel or suspend a fleet card.

Controls – Clients are able to limit the types of transactions allowed by their drivers, down to the unit level. Clients can set “soft” limits that trigger notifications, allowing them to manage by exception.

Edmonton Leduc Calgary GasLimits – Clients can select various “hard” limits for each MasterCard operating in the fleet. Purchase limits per transaction can be set by day, week or month. Further capabilities include:

  • Number of transactions per day
  • Transaction dollar amount
  • Time of day (ex. 3:00 A.M. filling)
  • Day of the week (ex. Filling on a weekend)

Program Customization – Summit Trucks customizes each client’s services based on requirements. Clients can set fleet cards as:

  1. Fuel only
  2. Maintenance only
  3. Fuel and Maintenance