Why Rent?

Western Canada Commercial Fleet Managment

More than ever, business in western Canada is “project” based. Renting trucks to meet the short term demand for equipment (including trucks) is a smart way to manage costs. Companies are keeping their capital for long term amortized assets, and recognizing equipment such as trucks for what they are; a cost of doing business. Benefits of renting trucks include:

  • Managing to maximize a company’s owned vehicle utilization costs
  • Ability to charge 100% of the cost as expense vs leased and owned depreciation cost schedules
  • Maintain the company’s image with new vehicles
  • Minimize down-time due to damage and break downs with immediate replacements
  • Outfitted and ready for on-site and field conditions
  • Minimal maintenance requirements (under warranty ages vehicles only)
  • Affordability

We provide a variety of short and long-term transportation options to help you select the right vehicle with the most cost-effective rental arrangement for the job.

With both standard and specialized vehicles within our fleet, trucks, vans, and SUVs can be rented for both short and long term periods. We offer a wide variety of makes and models for light duty rentals. Contact us directly for additional information.

Whether the requirement is to cover additional contract gains, peaks in business, seasonality or vehicle breakdowns, Summit’s fleet of rental vehicles is an ideal source of additional capacity.

With our rentals, you get the use of the vehicle for an unspecified term. Summit will periodically set (usually annually) the rental rate for short and long-term rental vehicles.

Summit Trucks understands the western Canadian marketplace and the demands it brings. Summit Trucks equips and provides trucks that are suited for this environment. Special outfitting is no problem; we will take care of everything from installing headache racks and buggy whips with glow worms, and can even find suitable GPS systems for your vehicles, so you always know where your business stands.