Rental Insurance

Insurred Low Risk Rentals

For rentals under 30 days, we carry third party liability insurance and a full value deductible collision coverage on all our vehicles. Should you wish to reduce that deductible, you have a number of options:

  • You can buy down the deductible with us for an additional daily cost.
  • Some credit cards have insurance coverage included, generally only for cars and some minivans. Please confirm your coverage with your card provider.
  • For personal use, you can add a rider to your automobile coverage to cover rentals.
  • You can insure the vehicles through your own corporate insurance program.

For rentals over 30 days, we can either carry the coverage for you, at an additional cost, or transfer the liability to your fleet endorsement. Credit card coverage terminates on the 31st day for most major cards.

If you are not taking our coverage, we will need the details of your insurance coverage before we can release the vehicle. These details are: the insurance company, policy number, expiry date, and your broker’s contact information.