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Why Choose Used? Learn The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

Sometimes we meet customers who are hesitant about used vehicles; the used car salesman stereotype is one we've heard about. But our commitment to quality used trucks comes first and foremost.

Why buy a used truck? Simply put there are a lot of benefits to buying a used truck. In short, offering significant savings on upfront costs and a slower depreciation curve are our favorite reasons, but there are more! Pre-owned trucks present financially comfortable choices without sacrificing quality.

Brief Benefits of Buying Used Trucks

  • Buying a used truck can save you cash upfront, potentially drop those insurance bills, and give you more stability with slower depreciation.
  • Newer used trucks may still be under manufacturers' warranties, the average of which is 36,000-60,000 miles.
    • Double declining depreciation means a newer used truck with a few thousand miles on it costs much less than new.
    • Insurers sometimes offer better rates for certain makes and models depending on state regulations; it's worth checking with an insurer on the difference in premium for new and used.
    • A lower price means you can opt for higher down payments and less interest overall.
  • The best used trucks can go 200,000 miles over their entire lifespan, so high mileage purchases are still a good investment.
  • Used trucks with brand-proven reliability promise great build quality. And through Summit Truck's appraisal process, we keep a repair history for peace of mind.
  • A lower price point means you can upgrade on trim for less; higher trims usually have the best features!

Maximizing Your Budget: The Cost-Effective Choice of a Used Truck

Let’s face it, trucks are fantastic vehicles with versatility and power, but their price tags can be hefty. But what if you could get all the benefits of a truck without taking a financial hit? A pre-owned truck is a budget-friendly way to join the community of proud truck owners.

Save on Initial Purchase Price

A man writing on a piece of paper with a key to a truck lying on top Get a deal on used trucks compared to the price of new every time you buy. Our sales experts can help you get a price on a used vehicle that you can feel good about.

When you buy a used truck, you’re already ahead financially. How so? Well, the initial purchase price of a used truck is significantly lower compared to a brand-new truck.

This means you could potentially drive away in a high-quality, pre-owned pickup truck without a massive loan weighing you down. Plus, with the money you save, you could invest in some nifty additional features only available on higher trims. Lower price also means higher down payment ratio!

Lower Insurance Costs

Another advantage of buying a used truck is the potential for lower insurance costs. Unlike new vehicles, the decreased overall value of used trucks can result in less expensive insurance premiums—depending on multiple factors including make and model. You could be saving money year after year, just by opting for a pre-owned truck. Feel free to find out what your insurer in Salt Lake City says!

Gentler Depreciation Curve

Have you ever heard that a new vehicle loses value the moment it’s driven off the dealership lot? On a curve that looks like a vertical drop off a cliff, halfway to the point it levels out.

That’s depreciation in action, and it’s a significant factor in the total cost of owning a new truck. However, when you buy a used truck, you bypass this initial steep depreciation.

Our finance department calls this double declining depreciation, and with a used truck you use this appraisal standard to your advantage.

Durability Meets Value in Pre-Owned Trucks

Orange vehicle getting serviced at Summit Trucks to keep it reliable Used vehicles may have some miles on them already but with good maintenance, they can go a lot farther. Our service experts can offer you great advice on how to maximize that lifespan.

Now that we’ve discussed the financial benefits of buying a used truck, let’s shift gears and talk about value in terms of durability and reliability. Trucks are built to last, and with average high mileage now reaching 200,000 miles, opting for a pre-owned truck is a smart move. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s delve a little deeper.

Proven Reliability

Used trucks with high reliability ratings and proper maintenance can be road companions for the long haul. Modern trucks are built to last well beyond 200,000 miles, given they’re well-maintained. Among outliers a few makes come up consistently; some of our best used truck brands include:

  • Chevrolet
  • GMC
  • Nissan
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • Toyota

But every used vehicle is a different beast. A hands-on evaluation during a test drive really helps in assessing a used truck’s reliability. As we'll discuss further into the article, checking the exterior, interior, and safety features is a great idea. Still, we can tell you more about the general pros and cons of each make.

Repair History Transparency

When buying a used truck from Summit Trucks, you also have the advantage of a vehicle’s transparent repair history. This offers a transparent view of the truck’s past maintenance, which can provide valuable insights into its current condition and future upkeep needs.

Regular service records are a clear sign of a well-maintained vehicle, which is a good indication of its reliability.

Upgrade Your Ride: More Truck for Your Money

Choosing a used truck doesn’t mean compromising on features or settling for less. In fact, it can often mean getting more truck for your money. With the money saved on the initial cost, insurance, and depreciation, you might find that you can afford a used truck with higher-end features and advanced technology that would be pricey in new models.

Access to Higher-end Features

When you opt for a used truck, you have the potential to access upscale interiors, advanced safety technology, and robust engines that would come with a premium price tag in new trucks. This means you can enjoy the luxury and performance of higher trims without breaking the bank.

Plus, some used trucks may even come with features that have been discontinued in newer models, offering something unique.

Variety of Models and Options

trucks and cars in a lot Get a deal on used trucks compared to the price of new every time you buy. Our sales experts can help you get a price on a used vehicle that you can feel good about.

The used truck market offers a diverse selection of truck models, with various makes, trims, and configurations. This variety extends your selection so you've always got more options than you would at a name-brand dealership. Whether you’re a fan of Ford, GMC, or Toyota, the used market is likely to have a model that ticks all your boxes.

Newer Used: The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re looking for a middle ground between a brand new and a cheaper used truck, newer used trucks might be just what you’re looking for. These vehicles offer the best of both worlds: the peace of mind of a new vehicle with the price tag of a used one.

Warranty Protection on Low Mileage

One of the great advantages of newer used trucks is the likelihood of coming with full or partial manufacturers' warranties. The sought-after newer used powertrain warranty provides a defined duration of coverage, giving you clear expectations and peace of mind that keeps repairs in the future.

Thorough Inspections for Newer Used Trucks

Another significant benefit of trucks is the comprehensive multi-point inspection they undergo before they hit the used lot. Whether used or newer used, this process ensures the vehicle you’re getting meets high-quality standards, providing you with even more confidence in your truck purchase.

Plus, with the vehicle’s original manufacturer setting the criteria for the inspection, you can be sure it’s up to scratch, and that the previous owner maintained it well.

Test Drive with Confidence: Finding Your Next Truck

Woman in black shirt smiling receiving newer used truck's keys so she can take a test drive. Get a deal on used trucks compared to the price of new every time you buy. Our sales experts can help you get a price on a used vehicle that you can feel good about.

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons, crunched the numbers, and you’re ready to find your next truck. But hold on! Before you make your final decision, there’s one more step, the test drive, which isn’t just a joyride, but a chance to get hands-on experience with the vehicle and assess its suitability for your needs.

Hands-on Evaluation

During the test drive, you’re not just assessing how the truck feels on the road, but also checking its performance, response, comfort, and overall condition. It’s your chance to listen for any unusual noises, test the brakes, and check all the vehicle controls.

By the end of the test drive, you should have a good idea of whether the truck meets your personal driving preferences and needs.

Professional Advice

While test driving a used truck, don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice. The insight and guidance from the experienced sales staff can be invaluable in your decision-making process.

Our used vehicle sales advisors are always happy to make this part easy for you. They leverage years of experience selling makes and models of all kinds, with an above-average knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

They can also provide information about the specific make and model of the truck, help you understand its features, and even suggest the best types of roads to include in your test drive.

We can also share some insight on the best trucks for off-roading according to our own off-roading community.

Understanding Financing and Warranties

By now, you’re probably excited about the prospect of buying a used truck. But before you peel away in your new ride, you should know about the financing options available to you as well as the implications of buying a newer used truck that's still under full or partial warranty.

Flexible Financing Solutions

Financing a used truck can be a breeze with the right information and resources. From our trusted lenders, we can get a deal that works for everyone. Whether you’re an individual owner-operator or a large fleet business, there’s likely a financing solution that fits your needs.

Warranty Considerations

While we trucks provide might be old or newer, it's always a good idea to find out what's covered under a used truck’s warranty.

The average used vehicle's warranty is 36,000 miles—so looking for Summit's used truck inventory under 36,000 miles will help you assess whether you can still collect on a full warranty; peace of mind you might enjoy at a new car dealership is still possible with used truck purchases.

Truck Personalization and Aftermarket Support

Used Toyota modified with a lift kit and off-road tires on a side street in Mexico. When you get a deal on a used truck you can depend on, you might have extra budget for truck modifications. Lifted custom trucks with third-party tires are a simple and affordable touch you can make for a vehicle you'll go far with.

Once you’ve signed all the paperwork, you might start thinking about personalizing your truck to make it truly yours. The world of aftermarket support and customization possibilities are part of the reason why some Utahns come straight to our used truck lot. Check out our custom truck services for aftermarket:

  • truck modifications
  • stock and oversized tires
  • truck alignments
  • custom truck maintenance

Whether you’re looking to enhance performance, appearance, or functionality, there are almost countless ways to tailor your truck to your liking through truck modifications, and maintenance or services especially suited to lifted trucks.

Customization Possibilities

From bed covers and running boards to lift kits and grilles, the aftermarket offers a plethora of products to customize your truck to your heart’s content. With the wide array of accessories compatible with various truck brands, you can truly make your truck a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

Whether you’re aiming for a rugged off-road look or a luxurious, high-tech interior, the possibilities are endless for most vehicles. Check out our helpful article on the best truck modifications—a comprehensive guide to everything you can do with your newer used truck.

Ongoing Support and Upgrades

But customization isn’t just about making your truck look cool. It’s also about maintaining and upgrading your vehicle to suit your evolving needs. With a vast network of service providers and specialist businesses, you can count on receiving quality parts and services, along with nationwide warranties.

You can always take your used truck off the lot as is; you can also benefit from modifying your truck. But if you're happy to balance financing with money down and custom lift right out of the gate, you can get your custom dream truck right out the gate.

Ultimately, whether you go for stock or aftermarket experiences, a used truck punches above its weight and makes vehicle ownership a pleasure.

Visit Summit Trucks for Your Newer Used Truck Today

Wide shot of popular makes and models on a used truck sales lot on a cold winter day Some of the most reliable and thrilling used vehicles end up on a used vehicle lot like ours, so it's worth it to keep an on our inventory. Talk to our sales advisors for great used trucks for sale this week!

If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers value, versatility, and the opportunity for customization, a used truck is the answer. With countless models to choose from, significant cost savings, and the potential to upgrade to higher-end features, your perfect ride could be waiting for you in the used truck market.

Get prequalified with our finance department, start exploring our used truck inventory and book a test drive. If you visit us today, you could be hitting the road with confidence in your next truck by dinnertime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used trucks reliable?

Absolutely, used trucks can be very reliable, especially if they have been well-maintained and have a comprehensive repair history to showcase their optimal care. In a quality checkup upon trade-in, we perform a thorough inspection so that our used trucks for sale are ones we'd drive home ourselves.

In some cases, a newer used truck in our inventory might still be under all its manufacturer's warranties!

Can I afford a used truck with high-end features?

Yes, definitely! Buying a used truck allows you to afford higher-end features and trims that would be expensive in new models.

Moreover, if you're considering a used truck purchase, you can also divert the money you'd meant for payment in full into a down payment, financing some of the cost of lifting your truck, putting on oversize tires and other exciting truck modifications.

If a modified truck is your ultimate goal, why wait? Start with your newer used truck right away!

How important is a test drive when buying a used truck?

A test drive comes highly recommended when buying a used truck. When you drive out with one of our sales advisors, you can learn about the vehicle, its class, its make, its strongest competitor and more.

A used truck test drive ultimately allows you to assess its performance, handling, and overall condition, while you learn more about it. Make sure to take it for a spin before making a decision.

Can I customize a used truck?

Yes, you can customize a used truck by choosing from a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories from our custom truck services department to enhance its performance, appearance, or functionality. This step is yours to take, whether you walk the path years from now or on the same day you drive away.


Why Choose Used? Learn The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

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