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Benefits of Lifting a Truck: Style, Performance & Clearance

Considering raising your truck’s stance? No doubt you'll want to understand the benefits of lifting a truck; enhanced ground clearance that paves the way for new off-road adventures, improved visibility that brings confidence to your drives, and a commanding presence that sets your vehicle apart.

Among truck modification services, lift kits are a standout option. It's best to unpack the advantages to starting there, so you can make an informed decision about transforming your truck with a lift.

Brief Notes on Truck Lift Benefits

  • Lifting your truck can enhance off-road capabilities with the right lift kit—chosen for center of gravity, overall weight, tire size, and other factors.
  • Most lift kits offer better handling on rough terrain and some unique benefits to towing and hauling, though they will reduce fuel efficiency and payload capacity.
  • A lift kit provides a higher vantage point for increased visibility and safety, as well as the opportunity to fit larger tires for greater ground clearance and stability.
  • Body lifts maintain stock ride quality and near-maximum tow capacity while suspension lifts call to those seeking maximum ground clearance and off-road performance.
  • Tire sizes with body lifts limit tire size to 33" but with a suspension lift of a few inches, tire diameter can be increased up to 37" comfortably.

Elevating Performance: How Lifting Affects Truck Performance

Lifted trucks in a convoy showing on busy highway at high speed Lifting your truck can enhance off-road capabilities with the right lift kit—chosen for center of gravity, overall weight, tire size, and other factors.

Let’s kick things off with the sheer thrill of performance enhancement. Lifting your truck isn’t just a cosmetic change; it’s a physical alteration with powerful implications. A lifted truck performs better through:

  • Improved handling and appearance, especially off-road
  • Agility over challenging terrains under most conditions
  • A raised profile for higher clearance on certain lifts

While some lifts can lead to a stiffer ride (depending on kit, make, model, and more) the right lift can lead to a ruggedness and confidence that comes with a higher ground clearance. Plus, with an expertly select kit, you’ll have the perfect setup to fit those larger tires that positively impact performance even more. Enter all-terrain tires.

Superior Handling on Varied Terrain

Now, let’s talk terrain. A lifted truck with bigger tires isn’t just for show—it’s a powerhouse when it comes to handling off-road conditions. With all-terrain tires, your truck gains improved stability on uneven surfaces—crucial when you’re navigating through nothing but mud, sand, and even snow.

Larger tires contribute to a truck’s capability and actually grant a little bonus to safety, ensuring you remain in control in the most unpredictable off-roading scenarios. For our clients in Salt Lake City, off-road truck trails in the Rockies are unforgiving; it's best to have all-terrain tires of the right size.

As a note, however, that superior maneuverability on rough terrain may come with a trade-off in fuel efficiency, but for the die-hard off-roader, the trade is well worth the unparalleled control and handling.

Towing and Hauling

Lifted truck on road casting imposing shadow on busy road with fishbowl lens effect With all-terrain tires, your truck gains improved stability on uneven surfaces—crucial when you’re navigating through nothing but mud, sand, and even snow.

For those who mean business with their trucks, lifting can offer some benefits to towing and hauling. A body lift keeps the truck’s original balance and wheel-to-body weight distribution intact, making it ideal for those who regularly tow boats or haul heavy loads. More on body lifts further into the article!

Another option lies in suspension lifts, which may slightly cut into your payload and towing capacity due to the changes in suspension. It’s a delicate dance of power and performance, as lifting can introduce towing instability and unfortunate sagging under heavy loads. Towing might be the better choice.

Once you’ve decided between payload hauling and towing, you’ll find that a correct truck lift done by experienced truck services companies like ourselves can give you that extra leverage and stability needed when towing recreational stuff or trailers on those long highways.

Maximizing Visibility for Safer Driving

There’s more to lifting a truck than meets the eye—quite literally. Have you ever found yourself straining to see over traffic, or missing an obstacle until the last second? A lift kit offers a commanding view from the driver’s seat, giving you a better perspective of the road ahead while enhancing safety significantly.

This elevated vantage point is not just about looking down on other vehicles; it’s about situational awareness. It allows you to spot potential issues early, from drivers straying from lanes on busy highways to hidden obstacles in a parking lot, ensuring you can react in a timely manner.

Upgrading to Larger Wheels and Tires

Truck lift with oversized tires featuring prominently A suspension lift opens up the possibility for oversized tires which our truck modification service personnel can help with.

Rolling into the topic of wheels and tires, there's another layer of benefits that come with lifting your truck. Larger tires are not just about making a statement—they’re performance enhancements. The traction and stability provided by bigger tires are second to none, especially on rough terrain.

To strike the ideal balance between a smooth ride and off-road capability, tires should be at upwards of 33 inches in diameter for a lifted truck, up to a limit of about 37 inches.

But remember, the larger the tire, the more strain you’re putting on your engine. It’s a trade-off that requires consideration, as the added weight can make your truck feel slower and less responsive, but for many, the trade-off is well worth it for the enhanced performance capability and superior look.

Why Bigger Tires Make a Difference

Bigger tires are half the fun of lifted trucks, offering tangible benefits that extend beyond their rugged good looks. By lifting your truck and outfitting it with larger tires, you’re raising the body while simultaneously smoothing out the entire driving experience. The benefits of upgrading your truck’s tires include:

  • Increased ground clearance, allowing you to tackle more challenging terrain
  • Larger surface area of the tires, providing better grip and stability on uneven surfaces
  • Improved control and stability, no matter what the trail throws at you.
  • Bigger tires for off-roading can benefit from further grip by airing down.

Truck lifts are key to unlocking the potential of oversized tires. But it's always been a delicate balance act between surface area and height on one end and weight gain on the other. That's why you should choose carefully!

Choosing the Right Tire Size for Your Lifted Truck

lifted red truck with perfectly fit tires for safety and maneuverability A suspension lift demands a practiced eye for choosing tire size, which our truck modification service advisors know through experience.

Selecting the perfect tire size for your lifted truck is part of what our truck modifications and truck service technicians focus on when you step through our door. We factor the weight of your truck and the conditions you’ll drive in—ensuring the tires fit snugly under the fenders without friction.

Be mindful, though, as those larger and heavier wheels might outpace your brake system as well, which could necessitate an upgrade to keep your towing and hauling safe and sound. Tire size affects more of your truck's other systems than you might expect!

The Beauty and Style of a Lifted Truck

Beyond the mud-slinging and rock-crawling you're envisioning for your newer used truck's future, lies the undeniable allure of a lifted truck’s appearance. There’s an aggressive edge to the raised silhouette that turns heads and starts conversations. You're communicating adventure and personal power with it.

With a range of lift kits available, you can tailor your truck’s look to suit your personal style, whether you crave the versatility of a trail conqueror or the charisma of a lifted truck made for the highway.

Maintenance and Accessibility Benefits

Think about the last time you performed maintenance on your truck; being cramped and uncomfortable while you perform a simple oil change is no fun. A lifted truck makes these simple DIY projects under the carriage easier and much more comfortable. That’s just one of the practical perks of a lifted truck.

Not only does it facilitate easier maintenance, but it also:

  • Reduces the time and cramped conditions typically involved on oil changes
  • Provides ground clearance for mounting the driver's seat
  • Allows you to inspect the any skid plates or suspension upgrades easier

The extra elevation provides better access to the underbody, making inspections and repairs far more convenient, and allows for reaching components without the usual bending and straining. A lifted truck can be a maintenance dream, simplifying the service process and even making it a nice place to work.

Lift Kit Types: Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift

Aesthetic appeal of a lifted truck The installation of a suspension lift is complex, demanding extensive mechanical knowledge and often modifications to the truck’s other components.

Choosing a lift kit comes with serious implications; you’re faced with two options in a watershed decision—the body lift and the suspension lift. Both offer distinct advantages, but they cater to different needs and preferences. Moreover, if you're careful about weight, center of gravity, and others, you can do both.

Body lifts elevate the truck’s body from the frame using spacers and maintain the stock ride quality, making them a go-to for those looking to boost the truck’s stature without altering its driving dynamics or towing capabilities.

On the flip side, suspension lifts provide a complete overhaul of the truck’s underpinnings, offering not just increased ground clearance but also the capacity for larger tires—perfect for the off-road enthusiast.

Body Lifts

Body lift kits are the answer for truck owners who want to elevate their vehicle’s appearance without a significant change to the driving experience. These kits work by raising the body using lift blocks or spacers, adding to the truck’s height between the frame and the body.

The truck’s original handling and suspension characteristics by keeping the frame near the wheels, allowing you to enjoy the height gained without any bumps in the ride quality.

Suspension Lift Considerations

Suspension lifts, however, are a different beast entirely. If you opt for this route, be prepared for a comprehensive transformation of your truck’s suspension system. This includes:

  • the potential need for new driveshafts
  • longer brake lines
  • exhaust modifications
  • a precise alignment to keep everything running smoothly.

The installation of a suspension lift is complex, demanding extensive mechanical knowledge and often modifications to the truck’s other components. The frame and body are closer together, but the suspension juts out, meaning it has to work hard to maintain aligned shock absorption.

It’s a significant undertaking, but for those who crave the ultimate in ground clearance and off-road capability, a suspension lift is the way. For a higher price tag, you may want to consider financing your next newer used truck with us before you have us install a lift kit on it.

Pre-Lift Considerations: What You Need to Know

In our opinion, it's best to hire professionals with experience making truck lifts that perform well and ensure safety and street legal status. You should also research which of the best truck modifications there are to make, to see if your truck lift would factor into whatever you want to do down the road.

If you’re going for larger tires, there are sometimes factors to consider concerning other systems; if we lift your truck's suspension we may need to re-gear the axles for optimal power transfer.

And for those who tow, consider adding air suspension or a drop hitch for improved stability. And please note, the safest towing is always with an unlifted truck or one with a body lift.

Trail Riding Transformation: Conquering the Off-Road

Exaggerated view of a lifted truck's undercarriage from ground level, covered in mud An exaggerated lift like the one pictured here makes off-roading that much more fun and doable, which our truck modification services thrive on.

A lifted truck literally takes your off-road experience to new heights. With increased ground clearance, you’ll find yourself soaring over fallen tree trunks, debris, and even smaller-sized rocks with ease. The improved maneuverability preserves your truck’s undercarriage. It also enhances your ability to tackle steep inclines and declines without breaking a sweat.

And when it comes to suspension articulation, a lifted truck delivers more wheel travel over rough terrain, which translates to better traction and stability.

Navigating Legalities and Safety Concerns

While lifting your truck can bring numerous benefits, it’s essential to navigate the legalities and safety concerns that come with it. Bylaws and state regulations set limits on vehicle modifications, so make sure you’re in the clear to avoid any unwelcome surprises. Through our experience, you can avoid common legal pitfalls affecting Salt Lake city residents and Utahns more generally.

When it comes to safety, be aware of the increased body roll due to a higher center of gravity, which can be countered with thicker anti-sway bars. And don’t forget that larger tires, while great for traction, can pose a higher risk of hydroplaning and affect your fuel efficiency, so weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Visit Summit Trucks for Experienced Lift-Kit Services in Salt Lake City

To wrap it all up, lifting your truck is more than a simple modification; it’s a comprehensive upgrade that enhances every aspect of your vehicle. From the thrills of improved performance and handling to the practical benefits of visibility and maintenance, a lifted truck stands tall in more ways than one.

Whether you’re more into off-roading or towing nearer to your truck's maximum, the style statement of a lifted truck is unmistakable. But there are things to bear in mind before you commit. That's where our seasoned truck lift technicians come in; we can advise based on our experience.

Ready to elevate your truck's performance and style? Book your lift kit installation with Summit Trucks in Salt Lake City today and transform your truck into a towering symbol of adventure and capability. Contact us to get started on your next or current truck's transformative journey!

a lifted truck customized by Summit Trucks, Utah This is the end-result of a lifted Ford truck customized by Summit Trucks for one of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lifting a truck increase value?

Yes, if someone is looking for a lifted truck and it has been worked on by a qualified expert, it might even increase its value. So, lifting a truck can increase its value if you can prove that the truck lift was done by professional truck services like ours.

Will lifting my truck affect its towing capacity?

Yes, lifting your truck can definitely affect its towing capacity. A suspension lift may reduce towing capacity due to elongations in the truck's suspension and potential instability. Consider the type of lift and how you plan to use your truck before you select a lift kit from our services department.

Can lifting my truck make it less fuel-efficient?

Yes, lifting your truck, especially with larger tires, can decrease fuel efficiency and may cause speedometer inaccuracies. In our experience, some lift kits affect the drivetrain. If mileage is something to consider, you'll want to keep your lifting options open.

What's the difference between a body lift and a suspension lift?

A body lift uses spacers to raise the truck's body from the frame without changing the suspension, while a suspension lift elongates the suspension system for increased ground clearance—allowing the option to use larger tires.

If your center of gravity is unsafe at greater heights due to a narrower stance, you may want to consider deciding between the two instead of doing both. Ask us for advice on stance width based on your vehicle—and check our rundown on the best trucks for off-roading for more insights.


Benefits of Lifting a Truck: Style, Performance & Clearance

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